Below are some of the many industries served by ProComm in 42 different states:

  • Construction

  • Electrician

  • HVAC

  • Landscaping

  • Cleaning

  • Plumbing

  • Tree Removal

  • Paving

By using the ProComm team of professionally trained agents, you can have more time to focus on the job at hand or the customer right in front of you. Our agents can act as your very own Virtual Assistant by taking messages, scheduling appointments, or even quoting prices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That way, you will never have to stop working on a project, or stop speaking with a customer, to answer your phone. You can rest easy knowing that every call will be answered by someone who knows your business.

Whether you are in plumbing or HVAC, every caller may be a potential “lifetime customer” who is experiencing an emergency, and needs to hear a live voice instead of an answering machine. Our team can prioritize calls so that you are notified immediately of an emergency or a new sales lead. We can forward calls or messages to you or one of your technicians in the field. We can even schedule appointments or take payments for your business. We are also very familiar with handling callers who have been referred through Angie’s List, Home Advisors, and other industry websites. Don’t let your advertising budget go to waste by missing a single call from a potential customer.

How ProComm can increase your revenue:

  • Make sure you never miss another potential customer call

  • Keep your current customers happy with immediate service every time

  • Allow you and your team to focus on the job at hand instead of answering calls

  • Eliminate the need to hire additional full time receptionist

  • Calls handled 24/7, plus holidays, weekends, and during natural disasters