Pest Control

Since 2009, ProComm has been successfully serving the Pest Control industry, providing not only quality Message Management services, but also scheduling, payment collection, and route maintenance. We understand the needs of large Pest Control companies with multiple technicians, as well as small companies with just one route. That is why Pest Control leaders choose ProComm for their message management and answering service needs.

Competition can be fierce for pest control clients, so every call you receive is critical to your bottom line. Whether your caller is a new customer looking for a long term solution, or an existing customer having an immediate problem, our agents become an extension of your family. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff make sure your callers never feel like they are speaking with a call center. ProComm agents use your customized script to give your callers a personal and satisfying experience. By screening calls and promptly forwarding changes, our professionally trained agents make your technicians and your company more efficient and more profitable.

Ways ProComm Can Help Your Company:

  • Make sure every potential client does not go to voice mail, but gets immediate and personal attention

  • Relieve your staff during high call volume times, allowing you to manage your time better

  • Explain your various services to callers with questions, saving your staff valuable time

  • Provide a live and personable voice for your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Help your company respond to urgent calls more quickly using an on-call list and escalation procedures

  • Schedule new appointments and routes using ServSuite or other scheduling software