Industries We Serve

ProComm has almost 20 years of service to a diverse group of industries. The knowledge and experience gained during that time means our agents can represent your business like one of your own seasoned staff members. We understand the unique aspects and specialized terminology that makes your business one of a kind, and we project that understanding to your callers. Even if you don’t see your specific industry listed, that just means we are still growing that segment of our family.


Providing various utilities and government entities after hours, overflow, and emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Serving clients in the medical and health fields with discretion and kindness. Clients include doctors, hospitals, Hospice and Home Health organizations.

Pest Control

Serving the needs of large and small Pest Control companies. Providing Message Management services, scheduling, payment collection, and route maintenance.

Funeral Directors

Almost 20 years of experience allows ProComm to serve not only Funeral Directors, but also vault companies, casket companies, monument makers, removal services or cemeteries.


ProComm can help electricians, plumbers, landscapers and other contractors have more time to focus on their business. Let us be your Virtual Assistant by taking messages, scheduling appointments, or quoting prices 24/7.

Property Managers

ProComm can help both commercial and residential Property Managers keep your tenants happy and your vacancies filled. We will take messages, contact maintenance, or respond to emergencies 24/7.

Alarm Monitoring

ProComm can help monitor “mission critical” systems for medical and industrial settings. We can help you respond quickly and effectively by providing 24/7 alarm and status monitoring.

Small Business

ProComm gives small business owners “big company” capabilities while helping them grow their business. Our agents provide live answering services 24/7, and act as an extension of your company.