Virtual Assistant

ProComm agents can serve as your very own Virtual Assistant, giving your callers a personal touch no matter what time of day they may call. Our live U.S. based agents will answer your calls as if they were actually in your office. Our programming staff will work with you to customize the script to meet your unique needs, while your Virtual Assistants will be trained to understand your company and procedures in great detail. Your Virtual Assistant will be an extension of your company, able to offer the following services:

  • Deliver accurate information to specific callers

  • Transfer calls to anyone in your organization

  • Screen calls to eliminate telemarketers or solicitations

  • Announce calls to you before transferring, allowing you the ability to decline or ask us to take a message

  • Identify and transfer sales leads to your sales department

  • Allow us to confirm appointments

  • Place wake-up calls to you or an employee

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