Property Management

Thanks to nearly twenty years of experience from serving in 42 different states, ProComm understands the needs of both commercial and residential Property Managers. Our team of professionally trained agents can help you keep your tenants happy and your vacancies filled. Our agents can act as your very own Virtual Assistant by taking messages, contacting maintenance, or responding to emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can rest easy knowing that every call will be answered by a live agent in the United States who knows your business.

Whether you are in commercial or residential properties, every caller may be a potential tenant who is ready to sign a lease, or a current tenant who is experiencing a catastrophic leak. Our trained agents can use your customized script to put the caller at ease, or contact your “on-call” representative directly. Our fast pick-up times and friendly service reminds your callers that you are eager to help them. We can screen and prioritize your calls before forwarding the call or sending a message. We can even schedule appointments or take payments for your property. ProComm can eliminate the inconvenience caused by unnecessary calls or after-hours calls, giving you more time to do the work that counts.