Funeral Homes

How ProComm can help your funeral home be more effective at taking care of your callers

A funeral home family has a unique and personal connection to the community they serve. That community expects you to be available and helpful regardless of the day or time. Missed or mishandled calls can be damaging to your reputation and ultimately your business. ProComm can help make sure your place of respect in the community remains secure by providing the following benefits:

No Missed Calls: For a funeral home, missed calls usually means a missed opportunity. Our team of agents will make sure that you never miss another call no matter what time of day or night. Most importantly, your community will realize that they can depend on your funeral home to be available when they need you most.

Personal Service: During a sensitive time like a death in the family, callers need to hear a live voice. Our agents are not only personable, but also knowledgeable of the funeral industry. They understand how to be expedient and efficient while also being understanding and patient. Our agents provide consistent and caring service 24/7.

Professionalism: Our agents are free from the distractions that can often hinder the staff at a busy funeral home. Your callers will get the full attention of our professionally trained agents every time. Accuracy of the information taken during the call, as well as the directions given to the caller, is a top priority for every ProComm agent. Your callers will know that you are not only personal but professional in all that you do.