One of the marketing catch phrases at ProComm is “We Look Forward to Taking Your Calls,” or as it is affectionately known around here, “WLFTTYC.” Try saying that 3 times fast! We make a big deal out of this phrase because it is so much more than a marketing slogan. It is a guiding principal of how we approach the Message Management and Call Center business.

WLFTTYC is important for our agents because we know that a good attitude shows in the way you speak. It is not enough for our agents to know the right words to say for every caller, but to also say them with the right tone and inflection. In short, that means they need to have an attitude that communicates professionalism driven by kindness and courtesy. That great philosopher Pinterest once said, “One kind word can change someone’s entire day.” While our agents are expected to keep calls brief while providing great service to a client’s callers, they are also expected to convey a sense of helpfulness, patience, and genuine caring. The Bible says “A gentle word turns away wrath,” simultaneously giving the best strategy for handling irate callers, as well as solid marriage advice.

We take WLFTTYC seriously not only because of the benefits of being nice, but also because we are thankful for every customer. Since ProComm does not require service contracts, we earn our customer’s trust every day. We really do look forward to taking every call because it represents someone who believes in us and the services we provide. For every call we take, we are constantly reminded by WLFTTYC that our customer has put their business and livelihood into our hands for a few moments. We are so grateful for that trust and that opportunity to make a difference in over 1,200 different businesses. More importantly, all of those calls help to support our Chick-fil-A addiction (hello Milkshakes).

Last year we had a contest in which we asked our employees to come up with a different phrase for the acronym WLFTTYC besides “We look forward to taking your calls.” We put the best ones on a T-shirt and gave one to every employee. We wanted to remind them of the importance of WLFTTYC. It is the foundation on which our company is built. We have included some of the more interesting submissions below, leaving out the ones not appropriate for mixed audiences (blush). But the bottom line is that we really do look forward, 24 hours every day, to taking your calls!

  1. 1) We Live For Those Transferred Yapping Callers
  2. 2) What Lips Flap Thanks To Yonder Caller
  3. 3) We Love Facilitating Thoughtful Tantalizing Yattering Calls
  4. 4) Witty, Legit, Fabulous, Timely, Totally Your Call-Takers
  5. 5) We’re Like Family That Takes Your Calls
  6. 6) Wise Loyal Folks Talking To Your Clientele