The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Anyone who has worked in a Call Center before understands the change in the atmosphere around Christmas. While many offices find it difficult to be productive during the holidays, Call Centers experience their busiest and most productive days. This is the time of year that defines whether you are a successful and prepared team (like Clemson or Alabama) or a team still looking for some answers (sorry Auburn and Florida State). So what makes this time of year so different? I am glad you asked.

During the Christmas season, Call Centers can answer 15-25% more calls than normal. This makes perfect sense when you realize that doctor offices, businesses, and even government agencies are closed several days during December, sending their calls to the one business that never closes…the Call Center. Beyond regular closings, every office has holiday parties, meals, or special events, and they are increasingly held during regular business hours. This means that while our customers are exchanging Secret Santa presents like wacky socks or Starbucks gift cards, we are answering the phones, booking appointments, and giving their customers a dose of holiday cheer. We make it possible for them to experience Peace on Earth, at least during their party.

Don’t feel sorry for our agents though. They love the increased activity because it allows them to give the gift of kindness, patience, and understanding to even more callers. Plus, Santa Claus takes good care of our agents during this season. The Call Center is decorated for Christmas with a beautiful Christmas tree and stockings (complete with gifts) for each agent. Our Ugly Christmas Sweater contest would make even the Grinch smile, while our agents spend their breaks and lunchtime searching for Hidden Elves in order to win cash prizes. Ultimately the increased Christmas activity reminds us that we are a big ProComm family of agents and clients who are happiest when we are sharing life together. Merry Christmas!