Hurricane Proof

Have you ever wondered how critical businesses like utilities, medical offices, or even hospice is able to continue taking calls during a weather crisis or other emergency? Our company is the answer.

Thus Hurricane Season has seen Harvey, a huge Category 4 storm that caused extensive flooding and billions of dollars in damage, followed by Category 5 Irma with high winds and lasting devestation. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), there are an average of 10 such billion-dollar weather or climate related events in the US every year. The question is “Will Your Business Be Ready for the Next Storm?”

Being able to help our clients in the midst of a crisis is what makes the Call Management business so rewarding. Each Hurricane gives us the opportunity to literally help hundreds of our customers “weather the storm.” As our customers from the east coast or the Gulf begin to evacuate, they forward all of their calls to our qualified agents. We are then able to answer calls and take messages for doctors, hospice facilities, and public utilities, keeping them connected to their customers, even as the hurricane batters their towns.

During past incidents patients in distress were able to contact their doctor, even as that doctor fled the storm or hunkered in a shelter. Families from all over the United States were able to get updates on their loved ones evacuated from assisted living facilities. Our agents did not just take messages. They were able to provide peace and comfort in the midst of a raging storm.

While every call was not life or death, we were also able to make sure businesses such as apartment complexes, plumbers, or construction companies did not miss a call from a current or prospective customer. We were able to take messages, forward calls, make appointments, accept payments, and give customers the confidence that it was “business as usual” regardless of the storm. Thanks to ProComm, recent hurricanes were not allowed to destroy businesses along with buildings.

Our customers realize that every call represents a customer or potential customer. Weather events and other crises are inevitable, but they don’t have to cause disaster for a business. ProComm is happy to be a part of any company’s protection against a crisis. We cannot protect your building, but we can help make your business “Hurricane Proof.”